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Your Ultimate Resort Packing List: 7 Swimwear Essentials to Pack For Your Next Vacation

a woman walking on the beach in a bright blue bikini and straw hat

Heading off on a vacation soon? Before you dive into the bliss of sun-kissed beaches and serene resort pools, let’s ensure you know exactly what to pack for an endlessly stylish resort vacation. With Megan Mae Miami®, you’re not just preparing for a getaway; you’re gearing up for an unforgettable journey of style, comfort, and adventure.

So, grab your passport to paradise and follow along with our curated resort packing list of swimwear essentials, each promising to make your next vacation truly glamorous.

1. The Classic One-Piece

model wearing the elegance one piece in blanco

A beacon of timeless elegance, the classic one-piece is indispensable in any resort packing list. Ideal for serene mornings by the pool, active adventures at sea, or paired with a cover-up for sophisticated dinners overlooking the ocean, this swimsuit style offers unmatched versatility.

With its sleek silhouette and ability to flatter every body type, the one-piece is your passport to effortless glamor, ensuring you carry a piece of the chic, laid-back lifestyle wherever you go. We recommend the Elegance One-Piece or the Authentic One-Piece. Choose a neutral hue and experience the endless versatility of this swimwear style.

2. The Little Black Bikini

a woman lying on a beach chair in a black bikini and sunglasses

The allure of the little black bikini lies in its sophisticated simplicity. This resort packing list staple adapts to any setting, making it an essential piece for every vacation wardrobe. Its understated elegance allows for endless styling opportunities, from accessorizing for a glamorous beach day to pairing with a maxi skirt for an evening out.

The little black bikini stands as a testament to the enduring power of classic style, promising a look of refined elegance that never fades. Searching for that perfect, timeless black bikini? Our Little Black Bikini collection is home to all of our sexy and sleek black bikinis, the perfect solution to what to pack for a resort vacation. Choose from a variety of stunning styles, including our Believe Top and Bottom and our Passionate Top and Bottom in Onyx.

3. The Sporty Bikini

model wearing the smile bikini in lemonade

Embrace the thrill of beach sports and water activities with a sporty bikini. These bikinis meld functionality with style. Choose our bralette bikini tops for secure support, and achieve a sporty-chic look with sexy mesh or cut-out details. Our Smile Top and Bottom and our Sporty Top and Bottom are perfect suits to pack if you plan on being active at the resort or booking a few excursions.

With Megan Mae Miami®’s durable fabrics and secure fits, sporty bikinis are the go-to resort packing list choice for active travelers, ensuring that your focus remains on the joy of the moment—from surfing crystal waves to engaging in a spirited game of beach volleyball.

4. A Brightly Colored Bikini

model wearing the bold bikini in dragon fruit

Nothing captures the essence of vacation quite like our next resort packing list must-have — a bright-colored bikini. Vibrant shades echo the exuberance of tropical locales, ensuring you shine against the picturesque landscapes of your getaway. Selecting a color that enhances your natural glow adds an extra layer of confidence to your beach day adventures, allowing your spirited personality to shine through.

A bright-colored bikini is a celebration of joy, vitality, and the beauty of embracing each moment. Explore our Rising Tide and Sun-Kissed Sorbet collections for vibrant, resort-ready hues inspired by stunning sunsets and beachside bliss. We recommend checking out our Bold Top and Bottom, which is available in stunning colors and patterns like Dragon Fruit and Pink Salt Banana Leaf. Or, consider our Confidence Top and Bottom in vibrant colors like H2O and Elixir.

5. The Attention-Grabbing Monokini

model wearing the charisma one piece in champagne

When pondering what to pack for a resort vacation to blend the allure of a bikini with the elegance of a one-piece, the monokini stands out as a bold, stylish resort packing list choice. This statement-making piece combines cut-out designs with strategic coverage, offering a unique silhouette that always turns heads.

Perfect for fashion-forward beachgoers and pool party enthusiasts alike, the monokini allows you to make a striking style statement while enjoying the sun and waves. Highlighting your curves and offering attention-grabbing interest with cut-outs, the elegant monokini, like our Charisma or Enchanted suits, is your ticket to becoming the center of attention at any seaside setting.

6. The Convertible Bikini 

model wearing the playful bikini in lilac

At Megan Mae Miami®, our convertible bikini options feature adjustable straps and multifaceted designs, offering a seamless blend of style and versatility. For your resort packing list, choose a bikini top that can be tied in different ways to suit your day’s itinerary, complemented by bottoms that adjust to your preferred level of coverage.

Embrace minimal bottom coverage and a strapless top style for tanning, or create a cross-cross top silhouette perfect for lunch by the shore. Convertible bikinis, like our Playful Top and Bottom and our Tranquil Top and Bottom, embody versatility, offering convenient choice and the grace of adaptability, making every moment by the water a reflection of your personal style.

7. The Staple Cover-Up

model overlooking the beach in a black bikini and mesh cover-up pants

The right cover-up transforms your swimwear into an elegant outfit, ready for any casual or chic vacation occasion that may arise. With Megan Mae Miami®’s cover-up collection, you’ll have multiple styles to choose from.

Sarongs offer a traditional, breezy resort packing list option for wrapping up post-swim, while wrap pants bring a touch of elegance to your beachwear ensemble. Cheeky shorts, on the other hand, are perfect for those who love a playful look, easily transitioning from sandy shores to sunset soirees. These options allow you to express your style through layers, colors, and patterns, adding personality to your poolside presence.

Pack for Paradise with Confidence and Style

Now that you know what to pack for a resort vacation remember that each essential swimwear piece is a reflection of your personal style. From the classic elegance of a one-piece to the playful versatility of a convertible bikini top, your swimwear is not just about making a fashion statement—it’s about embracing every moment of your adventure.

Shop our collections today with free shipping on all U.S. orders and discover the perfect pieces for your next getaway. With these seven resort packing list essentials, you’re ready to make each moment of your vacation unforgettable.

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