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Our goal: Save the ocean one bikini at a time

Committed to Sustainability

We are passionately committed to pushing ourselves and our industry to build a better future. It’s a long road, but we’re already on our way.

Born on the beautiful Miami beaches, Megan Mae is devoted to removing plastic from our ocean.We don’t just make swimwear, we make a difference.

We are committed to preserving the ocean for future generations with our unique, ocean-friendly and luxurious fabrics, responsible manufacturing processes and innovative development process.

Our Mantras

Good For The Oceans

Megan Mae Miami swimwear uses Econyl® a fiber that takes waste that would have otherwise taken decades or centuries to biodegrade and makes it into an incredible buttery-soft and high-end-quality fabric. It’s a luxurious way you can help to clean the oceans while enjoying the beach.

Great For The Planet

With innovation and craftsmanship at the core of every design, we inspire every woman to never settle for anything less than amazing quality in life.

Our Sustainable Journey







Long Lasting


Luxurious Feel

We fell in love with ECONYL® at first touch. This buttery-soft, and very luxurious Italian fabric is a brand of nylon. It’s developed through a sophisticated and complex process that repurposes fishing nets and other plastic materials harvested from oceans worldwide.

Any Megan Mae Miami style made from ECONYL reduces the use of new resources while also helping decrease landfill waste. In other words, our swimwear is fashionable, ocean-friendly and has a lower impact on the environment.

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Our Mission
We want to encourage you to reveal your unique self and chart your own journey with the vitality, confidence, and luxurious quality that is synonymous of the Miami lifestyle.
Our Swimwear
Our bright, lively designs empower freedom and adventure, so you can feel as sexy on the outside as you are on the inside.
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