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How to Wash & Care For Your Swimsuits

a model in a light pink bikini on the beach

Welcome, ocean lovers and beach babes! At Megan Mae Miami®, we know that a fabulous swimsuit is like a trusted friend that accompanies you on your sun-soaked adventures. We also understand that keeping your swimwear in tip-top shape is essential to making those unforgettable beach memories last. So, let’s dive into our ultimate guide on how to wash, clean, and care for your swimsuits, ensuring they stay as vibrant and luxurious as the first day that you got them!

A Freshwater Rinse

Right after you’ve soaked up the sun and frolicked in the ocean, give your bikini top and bottom or one-piece swimsuit a gentle rinse in cold fresh water. This simple yet powerful act washes away the salt, chlorine, and some sunscreen or oils that could be hanging onto the fabric. Just think of it as giving your swimsuit a refreshing drink after a day in the sun! This quick rinse goes a long way in keeping your swim looking fresh for seasons to come.

Our Washing Wisdom

a model wearing a bright pink bikini and pink sarong on the beach

When it’s time for a thorough cleaning, it’s important to learn how to wash swimsuits and treat them with the tender love and care they deserve. Avoid tossing your swimsuit in the washing machine with your laundry. Instead, we recommend hand washing your swimsuit in a basin filled with warm water and a small amount of mild detergent. Gently agitate the water to create suds, and let your swimsuit soak for up to 30 minutes. Be sure to avoid wringing or twisting the fabric, as this can harm the delicate fibers.

The Drying Game

Drying your swimwear is an art! Never – and we mean never – put it in the dryer. The heat can break down the elastic fibers. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water (remember, no wringing!) and lay it flat on a clean, dry towel. Roll the towel up with the swimsuit inside to absorb more moisture, and then lay it flat to air-dry in a cool, shaded area. Learning how to dry your swimsuit after a wash is crucial!

Protecting Your Suit

a mmodel wearing a blue patterned bikini on the beach

To keep the vibrant colors of your Megan Mae Miami® swimsuit as dazzling as the Miami sunsets, avoid harsh chemicals when washing. Opt for detergents free of bleach and avoid fabric softeners. Learning how to wash your swimsuits with care will ensure the gorgeous colors and patterns stay bright and fade-proof.

Ready, Set, Shore

When your swimsuit is completely dry, avoid folding it tightly or storing it in a plastic bag. We recommend dedicating a section of your closet to store your swimwear and cover-ups, letting them live freely in a drawer or on a shelf, avoiding any cramped spaces. This will help the fabric keep its shape and elasticity, ready for your next beach escape!

Shop Sustainable Swim You’ll Love to Care For

Your swimsuit is your partner in making waves, basking in the sun, and living the endless summer dream. By following these steps, you’ll know how to wash, clean, and care for your beloved Megan Mae Miami® swimsuit, keeping it in prime condition so it can accompany you on countless adventures. Plus, with our ultra-comfortable, high-quality sustainable fabric (made with love using ECONYL® fibers from recycled fishing nets), you’re not just wearing luxury; you’re embracing a positive change.

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