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8 Ways to Tie a Triangle Bikini Top

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Luckily for beach goddesses and style mavens everywhere, Megan Mae Miami® is back with another dose of sun-kissed fashion wisdom. Today, we’re turning the spotlight on a summer staple – the triangle bikini top.

Versatile and universally flattering, the triangle bikini top is the chameleon of your beach wardrobe. But why stick to the classic style when you can jazz it up? Here are eight creative ways to tie and wear your triangle bikini top, making you stand out in the sands!

1. The Classic Halter

Let’s begin with a timeless and classic way to tie a triangle bikini top. The classic halter is the quintessential beach look, perfect for every occasion. Tie your bikini top around your neck and back in this style for a supportive yet fashionable look. It highlights your shoulders and back, creating an image that’s flattering for all body types.

Whether you’re basking in the sun or playing beach sports, the classic halter is your trusty go-to, combining effortless movement with comfort. Choose a shimmering style from our Aphrodite collection to spruce up this look!

2. The Bandeau Wrap

Seeking a tan without the lines? Transform your triangle top into a bandeau. Simply tie the neck straps around your back, aligning them with the back straps to create a sleek, strapless look.

If you don’t mind sacrificing some support, this minimalist way to tie a triangle bikini top offers a smooth, uninterrupted tan while still keeping your swimwear securely in place. A blue color from our Rising Tide collection is a great choice for lazy days of sunbathing and sipping cool drinks by the water.

3. Cross-Front Glamour

Elevate your beach outfit by crossing the straps in front before tying them around your neck. This style creates an alluring X-shape, drawing attention to the neckline and adding an element of sophistication to your swimwear.

This way to tie a triangle bikini top is not just stylish; it provides great support for a day full of beach activities. Pair this elegant twist top with your favorite mesh cover-up and look fabulous whether you’re soaking up the sun or taking a stroll along the shore.

4. One-Shoulder Chic

For a fashion-forward, modern look, try the one-shoulder design. It’s easy to achieve with Megan Mae Miami®’s conveniently adjustable straps. For this way to wear a triangle bikini, tie one strap around your neck and let the other fall or tuck it for a polished finish.

This eye-catching, asymmetrical style adds a contemporary edge to your beach bikini look, perfect for making a fashion statement. It’s ideal for those who love to stand out with a minimalist approach to beachwear.

5. Front Knot Flair

Inject some fun into your beach look with a front knot. Tie the ends of your bikini top in the front, then secure them around your neck and back. This playful and feminine front knot style adds a whimsical touch to any triangle top, perfect for a beach party or a playful day in the sun.

Elevate this dainty style by choosing a feminine shade from our Pretty in Pink collection. It’s a simple change that can transform your look from classic to charmingly chic in seconds!

6. The Braided Beauty

Instantly infuse a beach-ready bohemian vibe by twisting or braiding the neck straps of any triangle bikini with dual strings on each side. This way to tie a triangle bikini top not only adds an artistic touch to your outfit but also ensures a secure fit for any beach activity.

The braided bikini top straps provide a unique and distinctive look, ideal for those who adore a touch of boho elegance in their beachwear. Pair your braided triangle top with dual-strap bikini bottoms from our Icebreaker collection.

7. The Upside-Down Scoop

Unleash the power of creativity with the upside-down scoop. Turn the bikini triangles so the top points downwards, then tie the old under-bust string around your neck and the old neck string around your back.

This way to tie a triangle bikini top scoops and gathers the fabric, creating an instant lifting effect, especially flattering for those with a smaller cup size. Create this bust-flattering look with a top from our Liquid Metal collection for an even more eye-catching style.

8. The Secure Shoulder Straps

For those needing extra support, try the secure shoulder strap way to wear a triangle bikini. Tie the back straps as usual, then take the neck straps and pull each one over the respective shoulder, securing it to the back strap with a knot.

This way to tie a triangle bikini top offers enhanced support for larger busts and provides a comfortable alternative for those wanting to leave their neck free. It’s a practical yet stylish option, ensuring comfort without compromising on fashion.

Get Beach-Ready with New Triangle Top Styles

There you have it, style sirens – seven sizzling ways to tie and wear your Megan Mae Miami® triangle bikini tops. Whether you choose the classic halter look or experiment with more unusual options, each style is a celebration of your unique flair.

Dive into our collection, where fashion meets sustainability, and find your perfect match. Remember, with Megan Mae Miami®, you’re not just choosing a bikini top; you’re embracing a lifestyle of luxury, sustainability, and unparalleled style. Here’s to endless sun-soaked days and turning every shoreline into your personal runway.

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